Does your website need Maintenance & Care? Do you want some technical assistance with your website?

Then you are the right place. Your Business Website needs professional maintenance, care and updates. 

We at Praneta offer a stress free, professional – monthly and annual website maintenance services for your business.

Web Maintenance & Care Services


Website Maintenance is an essential, yet widely ignored part for most of the businesses.

Website Maintenance will enable businesses to focus on more important things like growing their business itself, while a technically qualified team handles all the tasks of keeping their website software up to date and fix any technical issues being encountered.

Our Praneta Team offers various website maintenance services that will not only help you keep your website up to date, but also boost in continuously so that your website grows organically and provides you better results, 24×7, 365 days a year!

See what makes our website care services unique and very apt for your business.


Core Software Updates

We will safely update the core website files for you whenever there is an update. This will fix any vulnerabilities on your website and prevent attacks.

Theme & Plugin Updates

Are your running WordPress? Updating your themes and plugins is very important security feature, one which most businesses usually ignore.

24x7 Monitoring

100% website availability very important for Businesses. We will keep your website under 24x7 monitoring and and fix it the minute it goes down.

Backups & Restore

Something went wrong? want to rollback to a previous version? No worries. We create daily backups and restore it anytime that you ask for it.

Performance Boost

We will monitor your website Performance , and also fix all the things that are making your website Slow. Blazing Fast Websites for All!

Security Boost

Security is crucial! We keep a 24x7 security check on your site and prevent attacks like malware, DDos, sql injection etc to keep your site safe.

Bug Fixes

Bugs happen. You cannot eliminate it completely. That's why we regularly check your site for bugs and fix all the code and design bugs on your website.

Technical Support

We will always be available for any kind of technical assistance that you may require. We will just be a call or mail away, to answer any of your queries.


Try our website care services and you will see the difference yourself! From Maintenance to Boosting Performance, Security & SEO, your site will love you for this!