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Are you  looking for  Reliable, High Quality digital technology services for your business?

We are here to help. Praneta offers a wide range of web, mobile and digital solutions for your business needs.

Have a look at our range of services and see what suits your needs.

Why choose Praneta

Top Notch Quality

Every Project and every Deliverable by Praneta is of High Quality, carefully crafted to meet our client expectations.

Affordable Pricing

Our pricing is very affordable and highly competitive with the current market. Try us out and see for yourself!

Built with Care

Everything we build, whether it's a simple logo or Full Business Digitization; We do it with 100% Love, Attention and Care.

Friendly support

Friendly, Expert support 24×7 by our trained team of technicians. Contact us by Phone or Email for any help..

Our Service Offerings


Do you need help building your business brand? We can help you! From Designing logos, Business Cards, Flyers to providing strategic consulting on brand development strategy for your business.


We can provide Fast, Reliable, Scalable & Secure Website Hosting Solutions for all your needs, including Shared Web, VPS, Cloud Hosting and Hosting Maintenance Services.


We can build Elegant, Responsive, Fast Websites for your business needs. We can also create custom developed website according to your business requirements.


Need Technical Support? Content Updation or Code Fixes. We got you covered with our tension-free Annual Website Maintenance (AWM) plans. Get started today.


We provide search engine optimization services to help your business get more visitors to websites. Our SEO services can help you build long term organic traffic and help grow business.


We can build better conversion funnels on your website, so that more visitors take actions, like engaging, subscribing, signing up, and buying products on your website.


We can help your business build better customer outreach, better following and engagement. This in turn can help you build brand and grow your business exponentially using social media.


We can manage digital marketing and advertising campaigns for your business, to help you reach more audience and beat your online competitors in growth.

Looking for all-in-one solution?

Do you want us to handle all your technology needs, or not sure what exactly your business needs?

Do not worry! Check out our pre built “All-in-One” solution for your industry! Let us handle all the technical things, while you focus on growing your business to greater heights!